Two primary school girls are writing at the desk. One of the two girls looks ahead with wide eyes. In the background you can seea blue globe and notes hanging on a board.
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Announcing the First SIS School in Italy

Each SIS school is unique. However, there is a unifying element for every SIS Swiss International School – our shared educational concept. Our school buildings offer a pleasant and learner-friendly atmosphere, which is just as important for academic success as the pedagogical concept.

The First School in Italy Opens at the Borders of Milan – in the lively residential centre Milano 3

SIS Milano-Basiglio

Bilingual Education – Locally Anchored, Internationally Oriented

SIS Swiss International School Milano-Basiglio will open in September 2024 and will offer a truly bilingual learning experience for children in primary school. The school's curriculum will be fully approved by the local authorities, supplemented with an international outlook.


SIS Milano-Basiglio will be part of a remarkable global network of bilingual schools located in Switzerland, Germany and Brazil that share one educational concept and regularly participate in international activities. The recently renovated school building, colourful and flooded with light, offers ideal conditions for a stimulating learning environment. We look forward to meeting you!


SIS Milano-Basiglio

  • Primary School
SIS Swiss International School

Via don Silvio Coira 45
20080 Basiglio Milan


Phone: +39 02 4651 7699