We offer high-quality education as a service – and we are committed to offering this service in a transparent way.

Enrolment Fee

Non-refundable fee to be paid each year at student’s registration. Only after payment of this fee can a school place at SIS be guaranteed.


Enrolment Fee EUR 900,00  


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School Fees 2024/25

The annual school fees for curricular activities from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. five days per week can be paid in a single payment or in 5 instalments (1.980 EUR each for each instalment). School fees for mid-term admissions are prorated.


We offer a 3% discount for those who pay the entire yearly fee in advance by 1 September 2024.

Educational Level Annual Tuition Fee (in EUR)    
Primary 1 to 5 EUR 9.900,00    



Lunch Fees 2024/25

All students come together for a delightful communal meal in the school cafeteria. During the lunch break, the children are attentively supervised. It is mandatory for students to have lunch at school as it is an integral part of our educational curriculum. The lunch fees are billed in advance per semester (in September and February). Fees for mid-term admissions are prorated.


Educational Level Lunch fees per semester (in EUR)    
Primary 1 to 5 EUR 500,00    

Sibling Discount

A sibling discount of 10 % of the school fees is granted for the second, third, etc. child as long as more than one child per family is enrolled. The reduction applies to the school fees of the younger child or children.

Pre-School Care

Pre-School Care from 8:00 a.m. to 8.30 a.m. is available on request and included in the school fees.

After-School Care (Optional)

The after-school care can be booked on request. Yearly fees:

Days per week  one hour (4 - 5 p.m), in EUR two hours (4 - 6 p.m.), in EUR
1 day  200 300
2 days 350 600
3 days 500 900
4 days 650 1.200
5 days 800 1.500


Prices based on the activity and weekly frequency.


Please contact our school office for more detailed information about the clubs and the costs.


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School and Sport Uniform

Service to be arranged with an external supplier.

School Bus (On Request)

Service to be arranged with an external supplier.

Books and School Supplies

Purchased by parents.

Version: 27 September 2023, errors and omissions excepted.

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