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Make the First Step

Here you will find all the information you need on our admission process. We accept registrations all year round. If you have any further questions, please contact the school office of your choice – we look forward to meeting you.

How Do I Enrol My Child at SIS?

  • Submitting the Registration Form

    In a first, non-binding step, please fill out the registration form below. As soon as we have your contact details, we will check the availability of places and get in touch with you. Thank you for your trust and interest.

  • Meeting with the School Management

    In a personal meeting with the school management, we will clarify your questions and present our educational concept. Afterwards, we will be happy to show you the school grounds and, if possible, give you an insight into a lesson. If an on-site visit isn't possible, we are of course available by e-mail or telephone.

  • Signing a Provisional Contract

    If you are interested, we are happy to offer you the opportunity to sign a provisional contract to secure a place at SIS Milano-Basiglio.

  • Signing the School Contract – from September 2023 Onwards

    Come September 2023, we will draw up the school contract with your personal information. Please sign the contract and return it to us.


    We look forward to welcoming your child to SIS Italy!

Registration Form

Apply without obligation. We look forward to hearing from you and will get back to you as soon as possible.

Admission for the start of school on

Admission is possible all year round.

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FAQ Admissions

  • My child does not speak either or only one of the two school languages Italian and English. Is enrolment possible?

    Yes, enrolment is possible even if a student speaks only one or neither of the two school languages. At SIS Swiss International School, children learn both Italian and English by immersion, even if their mother tongue is neither Italian nor English.


    To support this, our schools offer Italian and English courses outside of class or as an intensive course during class time, depending on the school level. The costs for additional language training are included in the school fees.

  • From what age can I enrol my child?

    SIS Swiss International School will open a primary school in Italy in September 2024. The school is open to children from the age of six.

  • Will the educational offer of SIS in Italy include the educational levels of kindergarten and secondary school?

    With the primary school in Milano-Basiglio, we are founding the first SIS Swiss International School in Italy and will initially focus on this school level. It is our intention and goal to expand our educational offer in Italy to include the kindergarten and secondary school levels. At the moment, however, we cannot make any statements about the time frame.

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